Replay is a way of rewarding loyalty, offering you a discount the next time you play for you and your guests. For some, being a member of a golf club is not an option as they just do not play enough. REPLAY offers you an association with THE PLAYERS GOLF CLUB and a number of other golf courses, it costs £100 to join. It is easy and simple.Stran-13th-1 You could download an application form and pay your £100 it is all you ever pay to enjoy your discounts at The Players Club and other courses. Or you can just fill in the form at the pro shop or clubhouse after you have played and your last green fee you paid is taken into account. You simply have to visit us once in every 12 months in order to keep your association for the next year and the good news is that you can bring guests and they enjoy the same rates as you do and your REPLAY SIMPLY RENEWS. If you don’t visit, your membership just lapses but you can easily start again.Codd-1st-2 You get access to the tee-time system and the reward is some pretty good discounts meaning you pay £40 on the Codrington course instead of £50 (midweek) £56 (weekends) representing a 25%-30% discount. On the Stranahan you can play for £20 instead of £26 (midweek) or £28 (weekends), you can also buy a 4 ball tee time for you and your guests at £79 (£69 midweek in the Winter) so your discount could be up to 40%. JOIN REPLAY JUST ASK ON THE DAY

4 Ball at The Players Club, Codrington course £160 or £40 single player.  (anytime)

4 Ball at The Players Club, Stranahan course £79 or £20 single player. (anytime)

4 Ball Midweek at The Players Club, Stranahan £69 in the Winter. Nov 1st – March 31st.

4 Ball Winter afternoons after 12.30, Codrington £99. Nov 1st – March 31st.

4 Ball at The Players Club, Watergarden course (twice round the 9 holer) £29. (anytime)



Download the membership form here