The Players Club has five different lakes available to fish. It boasts a diverse aquatic life, but it's our uniquely named Carp Bay that stands out. Our Carp now thrive, with some weighing up to 28lbs. (last caught weight, he now looks bigger!)


The Players Fishery

The Players Club lakes are steeped in history back to 1997 and rich in aquatic life. They offes anglers a serene yet challenging environment. The lake's diverse fish population is headlined by its legendary Carp, each uniquely named and revered by specimen hunters. We stocked with grass Carp three years ago and they now average 5lb and with Carp surpassing the 28lb mark, The Players continues to uphold its reputation as a premier destination for quality fishing with Roach, Bream, Rudd, Perch and Tench. Dive into an experience where nature's tranquility meets angling adventure. We have over 30 swims and are expanding.

Experience the Catch

What to Expect at Our Lakes

Diverse Fish Population

With over 50 species, including Carp (28 lb+), Bream (7 lb+), Tench (7 lb+), and more, the lake promises a rich fishing experience.

The Carp Challenge

Our Carp, some weighing over 28lbs, are not just fish but legends in their own right, offering a unique challenge to anglers.

£10 Day Ticket

(£5 under 16)

You can download a ticket for the day you want.

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