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Thank you for your interest in organising a Society Day at The Players Club. It would be our pleasure to help you plan your trip. First of all, what's your name?


Hi , it's great to meet you. When were you planning on visiting us? Did you have a specific time of day in mind and how many golfers will be joining you?


All of our society packages include golf, a one course lunch or dinner and coffee. For an extra £4 per person, we can also provide bacon rolls for breakfast. Which meals would you like us to provide? (Tick all that apply)


That’s great, thank you. We have a few courses which might interest you. Please select which course(s) you would like to play and any extras you would like to include. Feel free to learn more by clicking for more details.


Thank you for providing these answers. Before you go, please provide your contact details so a member of our team can get in touch to discuss your visit.


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