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We offer a range of flexible membership packages with modern options.


Membership Pricing

Tailored Corporate Memberships

Corporate Membership

Our tailored corporate memberships offer an unlimited 4-ball play at £6800 a year. We can offer flexible Corporate500 and Country Corporate packages at £416.33 and £1666.66 respectively. A 5 day 4 ball option at £4600 or a restricted 4 ball at £5600 (No golf Saturday before mid-day on The Codrington).

All options offer various perks, free meeting rooms, buggy advertising, team sponsorships with some restrictions applicable. Prices are exclusive of VAT, and members should ensure competent golfing ability of their guests.

Customer Testimonials

We are please to have received such glowing reviews from our guests.

Flexible membership options

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Joining our club is the first step to becoming a better golfer. With 4 teams in the Bristol and District League, competitions every weekend, knock-outs in the summer, winter leagues and midweek medals twice a week from April to October we love our golf. A membership can include great practice facilities with a 330 yard range, short game area, various putting greens, simulators, tuition, an 18 hole par 3 course and a pair of great golf courses, one off the back tees close to the sort of courses you find on the European Tour another one that will test your silky strategic skills despite being under 6000 yards and help build your total game.

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