Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Except where expressly agreed otherwise by us in writing every member of the club shall be subject to these terms and conditions. The Players Golf Club Limited reserves the right to use discretion in all matters relating to membership.

1. Membership is continuous until revoked in writing and acknowledged. New members have a fifteen day period in which to revoke membership and receive a refund but if s/he should have played during that 15 day period then s/he will be responsible for the payment of all green fees at normal full rate.

2. The membership year begins on April 1 and subscriptions are paid annually in advance. A member joins each year for a minimum period of one year unless he joins partway through a year in which case the member is responsible for his/her subscription up to the end of the standard yearly period. A member should write or email to inform us that he no longer wishes to continue his membership. A member is responsible for his fees up to March 31st each year.

3. Members wishing to pay by installments must do so by direct debit. Bank information must be supplied at the time of commencement of membership. All Direct Debits must be paid on either 1st or 15th day of each month. Paying by installments you are agreeing to a membership up to March 31st. A member should write or email to inform us if he/she does not wish to renew his/her membership otherwise we will automatically continue with the Direct Debit payment for the following year.

4. Cancellation policy: In the event a Member or the Club cancels a membership for any reason outside of our terms and conditions, the Member is relegated to a potential applicant status and loses any loyalty status he may have accrued. A former member wishing to re-join or re-apply must first pay any fees outstanding. Any former member that has not complied with this may not be signed in at guest rate, he is not allowed to play in any Open competition or in Open Week. He is not restricted from representing another club in a team match or by paying a full green fee or as a member of a visiting society.

5. Should members wish to suspend their membership they must downgrade their membership to that of Country membership  in order to retain any joining fee paid or loyalty. Subject to the terms of REBATE (see 17), this can only be done once and the member must inform us that he wishes to go back to his former category by March 31st (the day before the new year). The category you are in at April 1st is the category where your loyalty applies. Members cannot downgrade a category once they have played 20 times in any membership year.

6. All members are responsible for their guests. A member may not introduce the same guest any more than three times in any one year.

7. Members joining mid-year will pay pro-rata to the nearest month.

8. A member downgrading a membership will need to be in that new category for 6 years before they gain loyalty discount. If you are upgrading from Gold to Platinum or Silver to Gold call or email the office.

9. Members will be notified by email of any changes to subscription fees; the website will detail other changes. Invoices are sent out by email in February for the new year the club cant be held responsible for address errors, the website will issue the next years subscription costs at least 50 days ahead of them being due.

10. Terms and conditions of membership may be revised from time to time and members should be aware of the terms and conditions posted on the website. 

11. Subscription payments not received within one month of becoming due will result in an administration fee of £30. A £30 Administration fee is charged for members downgrading a category. Should the membership not be paid up it will be considered cancelled and all services may be suspended.

12. No refund will be made on resignation for subscription payments received.

13. Rates are not inclusive of if any, VAT, EGU, LGU or county levies. You may opt to be an associate rather than a member if you do not want to retain a handicap or if you have a handicap elsewhere in which case you do not need to pay these levies, you are considered to be an associate not a member and can only play in competitions deemed ‘Open’.

14. The Golf Club will endeavour to provide golf courses in the best condition possible. This may, from time to time, result in closure of holes or parts of holes to make improvements considered to be in the best long term interest.

15. The course or practice areas may be closed for extreme weather conditions or for competitions and for booked play outside of members times.

16. Platinum members for a period of six full years are entitled to £100 per year loyalty discount provided that the membership has always been continuous. For Gold Members £100, Silver £50 and Bronze for six years of continued membership.

17. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze members that have not played 28 times during the last 12 months provided that they were always members in that category will be entitled to a rebate on their next years subscription based on the rules of REBATE. Platinum (up to £840 off next years Platinum membership subscription) based on a £30 per round scale between Nil and 28 rounds. Gold (up to £700 off next years Gold membership subscription) based on £25 per round scale between Nil and 28 rounds. Silver (up to £560 off next years Silver membership) based on £20 per round scale between Nil and 28 rounds. Bronze (up to £420 off next years Bronze membership subscription) based on £15 per round scale between Nil and 28 rounds. Any team, club match, courtesy or any No Show counts as a playing round. A member must apply for a rebate and can do so by letter or email, from February 1st to March 31st in any year. (Rebate was created October 17th 2015 as a fair way to establish a fee scale for members that have not played enough due to injuries, joint replacement, work commitments or time spent outside of the country). Rebate is applicable only to the category you are in. If you pay by DD the reduction is made at the end of your payments, so you might not pay for 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th or 7th DD payment. (last change April 7th 2022)

18. All members and associates agree to abide by the clubs code of conduct. This code includes taking care not to publish any information on any social media platform which is hearsay, non-factual or their opinion which may discredit The Players Club Limited, Luckland Limited, any member of the The Players Golf Club or any member of staff of The Players Golf Club Limited or Luckland Limited. Any member or associate infringing clause 18 may be disciplined which may include being expelled or not invited to re-join the golf club.

19. Membership and renewal of membership is by invitation. The management of The Players Club Limited, The Players Golf Club Limited and Luckland Limited may decide without giving reason not to allow or renew a golf subscription.