Maintenance Schedule

Stran-4th-10 Spring Maintenance on the Stranahan Course is scheduled for Monday 7th March 2022; on the Codrington course it is scheduled for Monday 14th March 2022; it is very difficult to be precise as we are working around the weather. Watergarden course scheduled for late March 2022. Spring maintenance consists of hollow coring, deep scarification and top dressing. Recovery is dependent on weather a reasonable estimate is not quicker than 3 weeks.

Codrington light sand topdressings scheduled: April 11th; May 9th; June 13th; July 18th; August 15th; September; 19th tbd;

Autumn work : October 17th 2022

Stranahan light sand top dressings as above

Autumn 2022, continual aeration of fairways, aprons and greens for the winter on both courses
Winter Maintenance The club does not have a policy of using temporary greens on the Codrington course. Some artificial tees may be used especially on the Stranahan course due to some tees being in shade. Greens aeration with solid or slit tines is carried out on a regular basis throughout the winter months.
Fairways: Preferred Lies in Operation on both courses throughout the winter months the fairways will be constantly aerated as conditions allow. Fairway mats may be used. At some holes the golfer is asked to take the ball to the wings of the fairway to lessen the wear but it is not mandatory. Please repair your pitchmark and one other on the greens, smooth your footprints in the bunkers and replace your divots and press them in firmly.

Current Maintenance  April –  September. Verti-cutting of fairways. Sand top dressings every 3-4 weeks on both courses (smooths surface within 1 hour of drying)

Our next projects are new or upgrading pathways on The Stranahan. Codrington: Tee resurfacing holes 18, 3, 10, 13. New tee at hole 9. Raising back tee at hole 5. Next project: Tees at Holes 2,10,18 Stranahan.