Corporate Membership

meeting-layoutCorporate Membership 

We have several categories of corporate membership which are tailored to meet your needs. Corporate members can entertain their guests with an unlimited 4 ball card at £6600 per year or at £5400 per year with the only restriction that you must tee off after mid-day on Saturdays on the Codrington course though there are no restrictions to the Stranahan. A 5 day membership (Mon – Fri) is available at £4400. Stranahan Full corporate is £3600. All corporate members can enjoy the benefits of free meeting rooms (Linen charge only) and buggies are just £12 or you can add an unlimited buggies package subject to ground conditions and availability at £1400. 

You may feel that our Corporate500 (£416.33) package is more suited where you can bring five 4 balls over the year (free meeting rooms not included). If you continue your membership the following year you can bring forward any unused rounds or you can top up extra rounds if you need them. A Corporate 500 package can be added to any personal membership. Alternatively you can set up a Country Corporate Package at £1666.66, where you get 3000 points, so could play as a single, 2 ball, 3 ball or 4 ball. You can use as little as 20 points for a single play afternoon on the Stranahan or 240 points for a peak time weekend 4 ball on the Codrington. Minimum renewal is £1000 by March 31st to renew, top ups after the minimum renewal are in £500 amounts (1000 points) £833 = 1000 points £1250 = 2000 points £1667 = 3000 points £2500 = 5000 points.

All corporate memberships are exclusive of VAT.

All corporate memberships should make sure that their users are competent golfers and under no circumstance should they collaborate with other corporate or golf members to gift further tee times.