Broken Terms

The following persons have broken the terms and conditions of their membership and are not allowed to be signed in as a guest of a member, use a county card, use any voucher or play in any Open Competition until their balance is cleared. They may play for visiting teams or society play by payment of a standard green fee. Fourteenth-5 Their handicaps will not be released until payment is received.

Robert Scott, Rory Kirkham, Sam Baker, Jeremy Peters, Philip Francis, Lee Crocker, Ben Preece, James Baker, Pete Butcher, Tyler Garrett, Andrew Francombe, Robert Smith, Jeff Bruton, Ben Nurse, John O’Neill, Michael Lavelle, Stuart Gillespie, Derek Barowman, Robert Loveridge, Nathan Baird, Robert Howell, Jason Tatum, Nathan Pratt, Mark Bryant, Paul Knight, Keith Richardson, Mark I Church, Steve Williams-Lock, Darren Stabb, Mark Hurrell, Mark Squires, Robert Jenkins, Peter Nisbet, James Vanstone, Ryan Tomlin, Andrew Freeman.

Seventeenth-20Your membership is for the period up to March 31st each year. Just walking away is not the way to treat your fellow members. Give us a ring or email, explain your situation and provided you have not played more than 20 rounds in the year (from April) you can downgrade to country for the remaining period.