Practice Facilities

Practice Facilities

The Players Club has some of the best practice facilities in the South West. One large practice ground is complimented with 4 putting greens, a large short game area and a 9 hole par 3 course. If you are looking for a golf club with facilities to help your game improve then look no further.

Putting Greens

We have four putting greens that are all very different. One has been built with severe slopes and undulations perfect for testing out your feel and imagination. The second is a large but moderately contoured, perfect for working on your stroke and giving you the room to do those all important putting drills. The third is smaller and flat. Another is by the Stranahan 1st tee, perfect for those few putts just before a round.

Short Game Area

The short game area has been designed to give you a variety of different challenges. One side is perfect for chip and runs whilst the other side allows you to work on those more flighted shots. Two bunkers are placed around this green for that all important bunker practice. A variety of flat and sloped lies surround and an all important ridge disects the green itself.

Watergarden Course

The Wategarden course has nine holes between 54 and 113 yards, perfect for your wedge play. Many of the greens are surrounded with water to give it that extra edge. Once you have mastered those shots from 100 yards in just watch that handicap come tumbling down!

The Range

The Players Club range is free of charge to Platinum and Gold members and uses good quality balls to give authentic yardage and feel. It also enables you to hit off grass areas to different yardages and targets. It also has a covered teaching/club fitting area ensuring you have access to the best coaching and club fitting facilities. During the low season play may be restricted and play must be from artifical mats. Range cards can be obtained from the pro shop.