New Memberships at The Players Golf Club 2015

_D300091At The Players Golf Club we have a variety of membership packages designed around the  flexibility of your play. The modern golfer is more nomadic theses days and the COUNTRY membership at £200 per year allows you to belong to a club and pay a modest member fee per round, importantly you can keep and retain your handicap and play in the club competitions. The fee for the Codrington course is £20 and on the Stranahan its £10, golf is free on the Watergarden and during Open Week (1st week in August) you play for free on any of the courses. You can sign in guests, receive 25% discount on buggies, even fish on the lake. The short game area and putting greens are also there to sharpen your game. A 10 unit range card can be bought for £25. A county card can be bought for £16. The county card allows you to play on most golf courses in England at a greatly reduced price. We no longer have joining fees at The Players Golf Club and we give loyalty discounting the annual subscription after six years continued membership.

Frequency that you play

If you play more frequently and like to practice then the BRONZE membership at £300 includes everything that the country package offers but includes unlimited range balls and the winter fee is discounted to £10 instead of £20 and after 17.00 in the summer. The SILVER membership at £515, Golf is free at all times on the Stranahan and the fee is £10 on the Codrington or £5 after 17.00, free range balls are also included. The younger Stranahan course is an easier layout but has its own charms with contoured greens, it suits the shorter hitters and the course should offer a 3 hour round in quiet times. GOLD membership at £840, suits many it also has unlimited golf on the Stranahan course and there is plenty of free play on the Codrington, the whole winter period (November 1st – March 31st), every weekday mornings up to 10.00, every day after 15.30, all weekend club competitions and knock outs are all free. Golf outside those times is at £10. The PLATINUM package offers unrestricted golf on all the courses and you can get 60% discount off buggies reducing them to just £8, you can also introduce guests at £26 and bring 3 guests free during Open Week, any children under 14 are junior members subject to paying union fees, your range balls are of course complimentary. Platinum membership works out at just over £20 per week (£1060 per year) and after 6 years continued membership you are entitled to £150 discount per year for your loyalty which at £910 per year represents perhaps the best value around.

Upgrading, Downgrading and Loyalty.

Whatever package suits you now, you can upgrade if you play more, we take into account the subscription you paid and if you join part way through our year April – April, you pay a percentage. At The Players we like to be fair, we don’t charge you interest and you can


spread your payments over 10 months, we charge £20 Admin fee for those that wish to pay by direct debit. Direct debit payments are taken either on the 1st or 15th of each month. They often take two weeks to set up. Please be aware of the terms and conditions and remember that you are joining up to March 31st. If you downgrade you can change your direct debits to reflect the new pricing structure. If your circumstances change and you need think you will not be playing much golf you need to tell us straight away and downgrade to country membership for the remaining portion of the year. You can then assess your situation at the start of the new year. Most categories of membership have cheaper rates after 6 years of continued membership. If you temporarily downgrade during the year you can go back to the category you were on provided it is before the start of the new playing year (March 31st). Your loyalty is in the category you currently are and need to be in that category for 6 years. You can upgrade directly to Platinum loyalty from Gold, Silver or Bronze loyalty for the following payments: Gold to Platinum £400, Silver to Platinum £600, Bronze or Country to Platinum is £800. If you were a Platinum member but downgraded to another category your loyalty is in that category. You can downgrade to Country membership (min payment £100) because of an injury or valid reason only once.

Fees to March 31st 2016

Country £125; Bronze £200; Silver £318; Gold £508; Platinum £635; includes EGU fee at £18.10. If you want to pay by DD add £20 Admin fee.(26-08-15)

Booking tee times

Platinum members can book up to 29 days in advance, this means as members you get the best times and the times you want, Gold can book up to 22 days, Silver 15 days and Bronze and Country 8 days. Booking tee times mean you don’t have to queue up for an hour for the tee to clear at the weekends or the embarrassment of bringing a guest and a long wait, that aside you don’t have to book and its often quiet during the week and off peak times. Online booking means you can book 24/7 from the comfort of your home or phone, just browse the tee times and choose a quiet gap. You can of course just turn up with two golf courses, the par 3 course and practice areas, you should find a space.

Portishead Golf Club

All categories from Bronze to Platinum (including Colts and Juniors) can enjoy free golf at our sister course at Nore Road, Portishead. If you bring guests it costs £5. 9 holes are currently in play. We hope to offer a similar position at Greys Green with cross rights.


We have an agreement with Bathampton AA that you can fish any of their lakes as a member (any category). We have six permits which as member you may borrow up to two passes. There is a small daily fee to be paid at some lakes though fishing for Players Golf Club members involves no daily fee on our own lake. You still need a pass to show the bailiff.