The Players Club offers a warm welcome to visitors. With two 18 hole courses we can accommodate most golfers and groups. Members tee times are typically up to 10.00 each morning on The Codrington course and 11.00 on a Saturday, it is possible to play in these times if you are introduced by a member or if it is fairly quiet.codrington_hole_16_image_1 If you are a group of 4 of more you might like to take advantage of our packages that include a coffee and a lunch.

We are a modern club and whilst we are fairly relaxed we do not allow jeans or non golfing attire. Short sports socks are fine, numbers on the backs of shirts or hats worn with peaks at the back are not fine. A jacket and tie is not required to eat afterwards. We allow mobile phones but dislike unusual ring tones, if possible we prefer you to have your phone on silent mode. You must have soft spikes on your golf shoes and we do not allow hedge-hog tyres in the winter. A fleet of 20 buggies and trolleys can be hired from the professional, buggies are not allowed onto tees, aprons or within 10 yards of a green, when possible keep on paths, but in the summer-time buggies are free to roam the fairways. We have paths for the winter at 16 holes on the Codrington (not 8th and 9th) it is essential to stay on the paths when conditions dictate. No paths are provided for winter buggy use on the Stranahan. Both courses are fairly easy to walk.

We have markers on the fairways on both courses which indicate the yardage to the centre of the green: Red 100 Yards,  White 150 Yards, Blue 200 Yards, Yellow 250 Yards.  Flag colours denote the position of the hole on both courses. White if it is on the back, Yellow if in the middle and Red if on the front section.