Oli Jenkins tops The Stranahan

Just 17 Oli Jenkins has had a great year and it might still get better as he closing in on a scratch handicap. The weekends 36 holer saw Oli take the Stranahan Trophy by three strokes from former winner Casey Bean who had carded a 64 to Oli’s two over par 70.

The morning scores saw two nett 59s, David Yeo and Joe McLean paired in the same threeball. Craig Welmers could have added his name to that list but took six at the par 3 18th for a nett 62. The main gross saw Bean lead by two strokes, his back nine of 29 picked up five strokes in the last seven holes. Luke Maddison and Freddie Titcombe on 66 with our own Kev Taylor on 67 with Jeremy Harvey were the five out of seventy eight players to beat the par 68 course. Alex Ault made an eagle two on the 7th but that faded into the background when Nick Davies holed from the tee at the 334 yard 14th.

In the afternoon the Codrington proved to be very tough with the Black tees in use. Casey Bean carded a 79 to post a tough five over par total of 143. Jenkins off towards the end of the field made great threes at nine and eleven before dropping shots at the tough 14th and 15th. With a two over par total of 140 and a 136 nett Oli took both the gross and nett prizes together with best afternoon nett.


1. Oli Jenkins (2) 70-70 (140)  2. Casey Bean (0) 64-79  (143) 3. Scott Pym (3) 3. Scott Pym 70-74 (144) 4. Tom Ruddle (0) 70-74  5. Freddie Titcombe 66-79 (145)


1. Oli Jenkins 68-68 (136) 2. Alex Ault 65-72 (137) 3. Scott Pym 67-71 (138) 4. Iain Quigley 71-69 (140) 5. Luke Maddison 62-79 (141)

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