The £100 Country Membership

39077828_10160876876050096_6305703480262656_nThe £100 Country membership is a simple and cost effective way for a light user to be a member of The Players Club. You do not have to live a long way away to be a country member, if you just don’t play enough but want to retain a membership it allows you to be affiliated to the EGU and GGU (costs £23.80 in addition) but you do not pay it if you are already a member of another club.

How many rounds you get to play depends on the course, time of year and (Monday to Thursday) or peak weekend rate. Saturday mornings in the Summer cost a hefty 60 points, after 14.30 any day on the Stranahan just 20 points.

Paying your EGU

Means you can retain your handicap, you also get a county card which enables you to play golf at deeply discounted fees.

Being a member allows you to play in competitions, not only at The Players Club but any club holding OPEN competitions.

Being a member allows you to interact with others and play in the club knock-outs.

You can be a member for £100.

The £100 is converted to points and they can be used against the Standard Visitor Green Fee Rate. You can play 18 holes using between 20 and 60 points. You could play FIVE times on the Stranahan.eurteenmarker
Stranahan Any day LOW season = 25 points or any day after 1430 = 20 points
Stranahan High Season before 1430 = 28 points (midweek) 30 points weekend before 1430 20 points after 1430
Codrington LOW Season = 36 points midweek = 40 points weekend
Codrington HIGH Season Any day after 1430 = 36 points Midweek before 1430 = 54 points Weekend = 60 points

You can also use your points for your guests or your guests can just pay standard rate.

Whilst £100 is the minimum you can add more if you want too. When your £100 runs out you simply top up in £100 minimums, at the end of the golfing year 31st March, provided you renew you keep any unused points. If you did not renew then your points are lost.

When you have spent £350 Points

Any more that you buy are then at half price, 200 points for £100. If you buy £350 in one go you can opt to the use them for your first 10 plays. You can use any course, anytime. After you use your 10 rounds you buy your points at 50p. You can’t top up during the renewal period unless you are out of points.

The Country Membership is a great package if you play less than 20 times, if you play more choose another plan. If you wanted to upgrade to another category during the year any unused points could be used against the upgrade cost.

Colt U30 Country Membership

You can pay £350 and receive 700 points. This is useful if you are a low user and if you play later in the day on The Stranahan you could play 35 times.

The Corporate Country Membership

This costs £1000 (includes Vat). It gives you 1000 points and you spend them at Standard Visitor Green Fee Rate. You can even use your points against the cost of buggies (20 points) or the cost of meeting rooms, Christmas parties or fishing. You could renew for as little as £500 (buys another 500 points) if you had leftover points that you want to bring with you rather than lose them. After you spend £1000 points are bought at 50p.