Autumn Projects

We thought we would update you on our latest construction plans which we hope to implement from now and through the Autumn and Winter periods.

Codrington Course: Hole 2; we are extending the tee to the right of the path, we will drop the height of the winter tee by a couple of feet on the front of this side, until we review the tee length (we may add 20 yards to 185 yards) we will leave the bunkering decision for the front of the green. We will remove the gravel trench around the back of the green and replace this with a revetted bunker. Hole 16; we intend to rebuild the back tees into one large tee. We intend to rebuild the front bunker. Hole 1; We are going to extend the white tee back 20 yards. We are adding a third fairway bunker slightly left of the current pair. Hole 4; We are extending the right hand greenside bunker. Hole 9; We are extending the gorse and thorn from the left side by 40 yards. Hole 11; New greenside bunker front right. Hole 18: Extend white tee slightly left.
Stranahan Course: Hole 1; Removal of dogwood bush short left of the green. Hole 2; Clearance of hazard left of the hole. Hole 3; Grassing of bunker short left. Hole 4; Grassing of bunkers on left. Tee extension with 14th. Hole 8; New central bunker. Hole 9; New back tee. Hole 10; Raising of 10th tee. Hole 13; Filling of sunk drain trenches. Holes 15 & 16; Removal of dead or decaying Ash trees to the right of the holes and under clearance. Hole 18; Filling and completion of back left water hazard. New safer path to the right of the 2nd hole.

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