Maintaining Your Handicap

Getting and Maintaining your Handicap

To take part in the club competitions you do not need to maintain a competitive handicap although it is essential for the club knockouts. When you first join the club if you do not have a handicap you need to submit 3 cards that are marked by another member, these can be played on either course. It doesn’t need to be the first three you play just the three that you feel represent how you play. For the purposes of assessing your handicap all scores over a double bogey are treated as one. To maintain an active handicap you simply need to put in three cards during the year, they can be in competition or just supplementary cards when you play casually. If your handicap goes inactive it does not mean you lose it, you just need to put cards in so your handicap can be properly assessed. When you score over your handicap it will raise by 0.1 for every round, if you play inside your handicap it will decrease between 0.1 and 0.4 per stroke depending which category you belong too.

If you are new to golf you will then be allocated a handicap and a Lifetime Identification number, known as your CDH..

EGU membership

All members have to pay their annual EGU membership and then you can visit to register yourself and get the free EGU card which gives you several benefits and can be used to identify yourself around the golfing world.

County Card

You can purchase your county card at £16 which gives you a reduced visitors fee at a large number of golf clubs in the country.

How Did I Do

All results for Club Competitions and any changes to your handicap are recorded on You can register there for your own account and email and text alerts.