Super Sixes

Super Sixes Tournament.

The competition is open to members and non members, both men and women can compete the maximum handicap is 18. The format is match play over just 6 holes and you play 3 matches in a single evening against the other three golfers in your group.You can choose to play in the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday groups where you are drawn in a pool of 16 golfers.

There will be two rounds over consecutive weeks, the golf will start at 1700. Monday June 10th & 17th. Tuesday 11th & 18th, Wednesday 12th & 19th, Thursday 13th & 20th. The second round you will play another 3 matches over 6 holes against the other three golfers in your pool. If you led group A you will play the 2nd placed golfer in group B the 3rd placed golfer in group C and the 4th placed golfer in group D. The golfer with the most points will go through to the 8 man shoot out on Tuesday 25th June.

The league position will be determined firstly by points, 2 points for a win and 1 point for a halved match, if there is a tie then the amount of total holes up will determine the positions of the 16 man group. The best eight scores from all the groups will play in the final on Tuesday 25th June. The final will be over 6 holes on a knockout basis, play will be in two groups with the winners from the two groups coming together for the final 6 holes (holes 13-18). Third and Fourth place will be determined. Prizes paid for the last 8 golfers.

Prize fund

1st – £200 2nd – £150  3rd – £100   4th – £50  5th-8th – £10 each.

Entry fee is £10 (Silver & Bronze £30) (Replay & Visitors £40)
Full handicap allowance, strokes are taken according to the stroke index.
If a group has only 3 players then the single player shall win at least 1 UP. He shall play match play against the course if he is better than 1 UP against the course that will be his winning score.