Portishead is a 9 hole golf course right on the banks of the sea overlooking the Bristol Channel, South Wales with views of both Severn bridges. The course was orginally an old Harry Vardon course that got abandoned just after the second world war. It has been a council owned 18 hole pitch and putt until several years ago when that also closed. A new company Portishead Golf For All Limited has negotiated a 25 year lease to reinstate a golf course. Currently 9 holes are open for play (par 29) and will remain open when we create the changes, with favourable planning we hope to create a fresh looking par 32 golf course that will be fun for everybody, but with stunning views and a challenge that the scratch golfer can still enjoy.P1010677

Green fees are currently £5 to non members but will be £10 per round (half price for children) when we complete our plans.

P1010684We have submitted our planning application in November which includes a short game area and a large family style putting green like the famous ‘Himalayas’ at St Andrews, a small patio area will overlook the sea and views of Wales. Ice creams and snacks will be served.

P1010689Hole 1: 305 yards par 4, the course starts with a short par 4 with the cross hedge stopping the golfer from driving the green, the green will be contoured so the pitch needs to be accurate.

Hole 2: 335 yards par 4, a downhill drive and then to a green we think was part of Harry Vardon’s old routing.

Hole 3: 125 yards par 3, slightly uphill with a narrow green don’t miss this one or it will be hard to chip and putt.

Hole 4: 325 yards par 4, is slightly downhill with the right hand side guarded by pits and mounds, a safe straight tee shot and a small pitch is all it needs.

Hole 5: 155 yards par 3, a short hole back to towards Vardon’s old green, we might even make it a double green, avoid the grassed quarry to the front and right. One of the features of Portishead is the great sea views.

Hole 6: 175 yards par 3, the hole returns towards the sailing club with exceptional views across to Wales, the green gathers most shots but will have tricky swales so you need to read the interesting burrow and avoid those three putts!

Hole 7: 415 yards par 4, the longest hole on the course and a tough par 4 on any course, a slightly uphill drive over the ridge will give you a good view of the green tucked into the bank, only a good accurate second will get you on the green.

Hole 8: 165 yards par 3, a pretty downhill short hole with the green cut into the hollow, do not miss to the right and use the contours to feed your ball into the small green, take some time to watch those ships in the Bristol channel.

Hole 9: 360 yards par 4, The final hole has both bridges in your view and is played back in front of the old clubhouse, now the windmill. Avoid the pine trees on the left and try not to miss the green on the left, the green is large but watch out for the tricky slopes.

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